Broken Tools Series: If We're Going To Die, We'll All Die Together | Video Stills | 3 Min | Glasgow | 2013

I am challenging our perception of reality and breaking the familiar patterns of perception, to make known the nature of things, liberating them from their utilitarian function and returning their sense of presence.

In the video “Broken Tools”, fully functional tools such as hand-saw, screws, a screw driver and a measuring tape encounter an utterly uncut-able “wooden” plank made of synthetic goo, and the tools in turn become useless themselves. When tools break down, although no longer serviceable, they loudly announce their reality. It is typically in these moments that object first becomes strikingly visible and draws our attention to it.

But underlying all of this, perhaps, is my philosophical interest in the nature of reality: this interest might be summarized in terms of the philosophers’ longstanding investigation into the relations between appearance (i.e. the surfaces of things as they present themselves to the eye and to the other human senses) and essence (i.e. the immutable identity of things as they are apprehended by the mind, rather than the senses).

Video Still of If we're Going to Die, We'll All Die Together

Sculptural Version of If we're Going to Die, We'll All Die Together | Wood, Styrofoam, Synthetic Goo | Glasgow | 2013