Broken Tools Series:Your Eyes Are Stupid | Video, loop | 1:53 Min | Glasgow | 2013

The film is composed entirely of the knife turning from solid to rubbery. There is a quality of relentless persistence-of doing something over and over again- demonstration of almost persistent determination. I borrowed the repetitive element found in painting or sculpture.

The hand movement becomes sculptural material, showing how the hand can dynamically transform the material(Knife). The perception and bodily comportment can affect to the material form(from solid to soft) with an attempt to stimulate individual perception. An entities has different uses in different context. This Knife is not the same thing in a kitchen, or a prop used in theatrical drama. When a normal hard object such as knife is seen in a limp or wobbly state, this tool is now dysfunctional. The wobbly state gives the knife a form very different from its everyday incarnation.This knife suddenly performs in ways that highlight peculiarities that were unnoticed before.

I think solidity is perhaps the most baffling and incomprehensible of the qualities of everyday objects, and the one we most commonly use to reassure ourselves of their presence. In emptying them of the solidity, it opens to our apprehension a strangeness that was always hidden in everyday objects.