Supersensible Realm | “Re-modernologio” phase 3: Traces of Scenery | Video Still | Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan | 2011-2012

I am interested in reviving obsolescent tools and investigating rudimentary technologies to apprehend the nature of current hi-tech life and our relationship with technology. My recent works have revolved in generating narratives between technology and the environment, making emphasised usage of physical properties of materials such as density, colours, reflectivity and textures to create visceral associations to the notion of nature and a shift from the digital condition.
During my residency at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre in Japan, I noticed the local people covering and protecting objects, such as vehicles, park benches and signposts in the town, using plastic tarpaulins. Perhaps, because it is Japan, and they have a consistent and orderly fashion of doing things, all the tarpaulins used were in blue. As I often use the method of Chroma keying (green or blue screening), I am immediately aware it is possible to overlay images onto these areas of blue, so I superimposed images of water suggesting bodies of water silently progressing inland.
Much of my work draws upon ideas and imagery relating to natural and man-made environments. This includes things like the blue plastic covers used in the Japanese town, or the correlation that I drew between the waterfall and the spewing out of paper from a printer. At times what is most apparent is a contrast between human technologies (such as the printer or plastic blue covers) and natural phenomena (such as the waterfall or ocean). It creates tension or awkwardness incompatibly at play in the videos. I like the idea of bringing narrative potential of the landscape into my works, sort of generating narrative between technology and environment.