Multi-Tier Fall | Hanging Dot Matrix Printer Installation | 2012


This is like watching a film. But the images move at a very slow rate. Unlike movies in cinema which are moving at about 30 frames per second, here the frame is produced at one every 15-20 minutes. It slows down technology to a point of frustration.

The image source is from a PDF file, it is printed using a laptop through a 20 meters long USB cable which leads to the printer. It’s quite interesting that the dot-matrix prints using a strike-pin, so it is essentially analogue. How well the film develops depends on many physical qualities, for example how smooth the paper is fed into the printer, or if the ink ribbon is still usable. The printer is hung in upside-down on the ceiling, so as it prints, there is strong vibrations and movement which actually sabotages itself and affects its own printing.

In a way, a script is being performed rather than a film being shown. And viewers are also part of the act, but their participation required is little, but of great significance. What I hope for is the viewers’ participation in the act of observing, noticing the unpredictable subtle twitches of the machine, and feeling a sense of discomfort when confronted by the loud screaming of the machine.