Printer-Friendly | 2 Video Channel | 2011-12

These pair of videos works and explain each other. However they are created separately as part of a discovery process when working in the studio. First, I made the soft sculpture by printing images on fabric. I was in Japan and the studio was located in the mountains and I was surrounded by snow and nature. So that is why I thought of making a soft sculpture of a wooden log.
Then while printing a wood texture on a piece of blank paper, I discovered I was actually returning a piece of paper to its original appearance as wood. So this process of printing, of covering an area with colours, can bring live and create something new. So I started thinking about the inversed result, can the covering of an area with colours, destroy an appearance? Of course, it’s possible. By using black ink, I soak the soft sculpture and filmed it. The colour gradually covered the entire sculpture. Then by using digital video manipulation, I also reversed the process, and made it into a loop. So now, it becomes ambiguous and unclear to which is covering which, the black or the wood texture.