Resolution of Reality | 3 Channel Video | Video Stills | Glasgow + Singapore | 2012


3 versions “LIFE” + “DEATH” + “SPIRITUALITY”
In today's high tech era, we are connected to the computer-generated world of images and objects. A high-definition of image has been developed into our new mode of looking at things. There is a search for the image with the highest resolution and it becomes a continuous part of a necessity in our everyday life. According to industry standard, high resolution images may be the best quality but in this work, I have replaced the paper with mirror reflective paper which can provide a more depth and more an optical experience to see and it may offer something tactile.
The locations where I have chosen show traces of life(people’s talking, walking and sound of birds), such as parks, along the street and Necropolis(death:the process of life). The images that are reflected on the mirror paper are always changing and shifting due to the wind and bending of the paper. I feel this is more “lifelike” than a digital print , HD movie or 3d environment.