Vaporised By Sunrise | 14:07 Min | Video Still | 2012

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This work is created for my solo exhibition "Resolution of Reality" at Third Floor Hermes. In the video, the objects are sculpted in Styrofoam as they are melted away using a solvent. The objects are of electronic and technological devices. The reason why I decided on using Styrofoam as a material instead of using the actual objects itself is because I found the foam very similar to the human flesh. When the foam is melted using the solvent, the process is very organic, and there is a sizzling sound to it, much like an acid-burn to the skin or meat being cooked on a hot-plate. Hence, the experience of watching the video is causes a bodily reaction. As if the objects are a part of us dissolving away, so I took the Styrofoam which is a highly artificial material, and used it like it was an organic material, like flesh. I am very interested in the way tools and equipment breakdown. And I think during these occurrences, they often provide a moment of questioning and reflection.

The works "The Remains" below:
I completed the exhibition at Third Floor Hermes by giving the audience a little visual treat. The exhibition at Third Floor Hermes is planned in a way which the viewer is required to move around the gallery. If one makes a slight effort, you will discover this hanging installation made using props that remained from the film "Vaporised By Sunrise"